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Get to Know Me

I received by Bachelors in Science Degrees (Neurobiology and Psychology) from the University of Iowa. I then completed graduate studies in neuropsychology and child/adolescent psychology receiving both my masters in arts and doctorate in clinical psychology. After working closely with families and children within hospitals, substance abuse facilities, and private practices, I have found that children express a uniqueness, a resiliency, and zeal for life. It can be extremely difficult as a parent when your child has lost some of this spark and often you start by seeking answers. Rest assured, I am someone who will be able to really appreciate your child’s strengths while also giving you the clarity and the practical recommendations you are looking for to help your child succeed at school, home, and within their social lives. I specialize in the psychological and developmental assessment and therapeutic intervention for pediatric emotional and behavioral health issues, learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectually gifted/'twice exceptional' children.

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